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Assisted regulation and virtual pits

The recent claim by CME exchange and assisted regulators that its taken 5 years of monitoring to catch "Nav" the spoofer  proves that perhaps anonymity trading no longer is required ?  Perhaps now is the time for a virtual pit where the market can see all the players ?  Many years ago L.I.F.F.E produced an after hour system on screen called APT ; where every trader was tagged with a mnemonic and seen on every order . Anonymity appears to have benefitted rogue trading and allowed  immediate abuses to go undetected; a vitual pit would allow the market place to judge and either ignore these "flash" "spoof"orders and respect understand real orders . This operation also makes every trader recognisable immediately and therefore aid real time regulation ; any abuses would be seen and officiated asap therefore providing a fair and orderly market .  Sometimes good ideas are very simple  !


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