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Ethics of Tech Researcher at Serokell
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Bio Ethics of Tech Researcher at Serokell. Serokell specializes in using functional programming to build custom high-performance software in fintech, blockchain, and machine learning. Career History Yulia has 4 years of experience working with technology and AI.


Banking Regulations

Who Regulates Fintech and Why It Matters

01 Aug 2021

Disruptive technologies in the financial sector are great with both lots of enthusiasm and lots of concern. While blockchain, decentralized payment systems, and lending apps make lives of many people easier, the mechanisms of their proper legalization and regulation are unclear. In this post, we are going to talk about how fintech regulation happe...

Bond Fintech

How Regulators Respond to Fintech: Evaluation of Different Approaches

24 May 2021

Innovative technologies change the landscape of financial services. Thanks to decentralization and digitalization, essential financial services such as lending and money transfers are now accessible for everyone, regardless of their credit history and geographical locations. However, exactly because fintech services are so omnipresent, they also ...