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Tim Tyler

Product Manager at Misys
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Bio Product Manager for social, location and mobile within Misys. Customer interaction across banking verticals.


Innovation in Financial Services

Little Fluffy Clouds

07 Aug 2012

I was listening to some music from my youth - Little Fluffy Clouds - The Orb - whilst watching the thunder clouds gather outside of my office. We all know that clouds live in the sky, these amorphous collections of water droplets high above our heads, drifting from location to location, with no intervention from us on the ground. To a great extent...


Innovation in Financial Services

Man The Pumps?

30 Apr 2012

I have just read an article on the Economist linked to by Finextra: "The bank of SMS" - talking about mobile banking across Africa. Even more interesting than the article were the comments, of which one leapt out at me more than others. It was criticising the investment being made in mobile banking, when there should be so many other pr...


Innovation in Financial Services

The flaws of common ID?

27 Apr 2012

I too would prefer to have a single common method of identifying myself online: a single common avatar that I use across all sites, with a single common (complex and strong) method of authenticating myself. But as the editor of a UK technology magazine has just discovered (@bazzacollins), illicit access through that common identifier can have wides...

Innovation in Financial Services

Your webcam as a credit card reader?

02 Aug 2011

So now you are able to use your very own webcam as a credit card reader. I'm not sure that holding your card in front of your webcam is going to be that much easier than typing in around 20 characters: the number of people who have enough problems getting themselves "in shot" properly would lead me to think that this isn't going to be al...


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