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Terry Hubert

Terry Hubert

Global Trade Strategist at Swift
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Bio Global Trade Strategy at Swift. Terry collaborates with Banks, Corporates, Governments and FinTechs across the Trade ecosystem to diagnose industry challenges and help reshape the global trade finance landscape. Career History Terry joined Swift following a career of more than 30 years in Trade Finance where he held senior positions across a number of financial institutions, including ABN AMRO, J.P. Morgan and Wells Fargo.



Putting an End to the Trade Digitisation Waiting Game

18 Jun 2024

As we see different industries exploring how digitisation can improve their business practices, it’s particularly exciting to consider how innovative technology can enhance global trade practices. However, the complex nature of the industry creates unique challenges that will require the global community to come together to effectively drive a fri...


The Journey to Trade Digitisation

16 Apr 2024

When we think about efforts towards the digitisation of global trade, it can be helpful to visualise a journey. We know the destination – one where businesses across the world reap benefits including reduced costs, greater connectivity, improved transparency, faster turnarounds and reduced risk of fraud. But the road to that destination may not al...

SWIFT Matters

The Evolution of Standards and the ISO Journey in Trade Finance

05 Mar 2024

Trade finance, essential for global commerce, facilitates 80-90% of trade transactions, serving as a primary driver for economic growth. However, its heavy reliance on paper contrasts with the digital evolution seen in other financial sectors. As innovation progresses unevenly across the industry, fragmentation emerges as a significant challenge a...