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Emerging Technology and Digital Asset, Adviser at Former Crypto and blockchain leas at CAPCO
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Bio Advising clients in Digital Assets and Digital transformation Founder of SR2 consulting


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Peering into Facebook’s future - The WeChat of the Wild West?

07 Jul 2019

Libra: the African blueprint and a long-term strategic play? Many might rightly argue that Libra is a strategic move by Facebook to help shore up its long-term survival and relevance. Mark Zuckerberg's affinity with micropayments can be traced back to Africa, where he sees great value in people buying things on their mobile phone. He has long want...

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OTC Crypto Market - at a glance

06 Feb 2019

Over the Counter (OTC) cryptocurrency trading is becoming increasingly popular across the globe. Here’s how it works, who the major players are, and its general pros and cons. OTC market size In April 2018, Bloomberg reported that the daily OTC market was anywhere between $250 million and $30 billion per day. This is compared to around $15 billion ...

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Key messages from the UK regulator on CrypoAssets

26 Jan 2019

On Wednesday 23rd January 2019, the Financial Conduct Authority published a consultation paper (CP 19/3) called 'Guidance on Cryptoassets'. Read this if you want to understand if your crypto activity is deemed to be regulated by the FCA or if you want to better understand what the FCA will be focusing on. The FCA consultation period is now open

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16 Dec 2018

This time last year, Bitcoin was nearing its zenith of becoming the biggest asset bubble in history. Driven by irrational investor exuberance and a fear of missing out (commonly referred to as 'FOMO'), it was possible to see 10x price increases across many cryptocurrencies. Stories abound the internet of people turning tiny investments, sometimes ...