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Bio As a Fraud Market Expert, PJ work across multiple departments, leveraging domain expertise to enhance the value of various product, commercial and partnership initiatives. He utilizes client insight and trend analysis to innovate on our current offerings and ensure they align with market demand and client pain points. Career History PJ has a strong understanding of mitigating fraud across the full spectrum of use cases. He has experience leveraging data, analytics, technology and processes to stay ahead of dynamic fraud attacks. PJ loves digesting complex problems, balancing a creative mindset with sound tactics. He is the co-founder of About-Fraud and a former a walk-on Division I athlete.


Financial Risk Management

Money Mules - An Identity Crisis

24 May 2021

Money mules are a hot topic in fraud prevention circles these days. But wait a minute, isn't that more of an AML issue? I mean the literal definition of money laundering is "concealing the origins of illegally obtained money". That's money muling to a T. However, when you look across the lifecycle of muling activity, it becomes more comp...