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Founder and CEO at iBanFirst
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Bio As a banking and FinTech specialist, Pierre-Antoine is dedicated to helping SMEs thrive and grow through innovative, digital-first financial services. Career History Previously Pierre-Antoine was Head of Western Europe at Saxo Bank following 8 years as President and CEO of Saxo Banque France; Founder of; forex trader at Calyon UK; and an investor in Syroco.



Why we can’t count on the dollar’s downfall

13 Jun 2023

The de-dollarization train is certainly picking up pace. Over the past few weeks, there have been growing suggestions that the dollar is about to lose its status as the dominant international currency. In recent months, Malaysia's Prime Minister declared there is “no reason for Malaysia to continue depending on the dollar”, while China welcomed t...


The silent revolution of international payments

18 Apr 2023

A quiet revolution is taking place and it’s radically changing the banking landscape. The payment industry has undergone a historic shift across Europe. While handling payments has long been associated with the banking profession, today it is rapidly becoming a specialised expertise. And the market is huge. According to a McKinsey survey, the glob...


How to stay future fit: Beyond survival

07 Aug 2020

As the world emerges from the COVID-19 lockdown, enterprises of all sizes are exploring ways to stay resilient, adjusting their business strategies and operating models to achieve success within the ‘new normal.’ One of the hardest hit markets by the pandemic is small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). According to research by the ACCA UK and The...

The Payments Business

Protecting your business against bank transfer fraud

21 Jul 2020

Increases in fraud during COVID-19 The upsurge in online fraud attempts during the COVID-19 lockdown is part of a long-term upward trend, internationally, observed in all sectors. According to PWC, 47% of businesses worldwide have been victims of fraud in the past 24 months. Action Fraud, the UK’s National Fraud and Cybercrime Reporting Centre has...