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Peter Davidson

Business Consultant at Self Employed
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Bio Being a senior business associate, I strive to help different brands and startups to make effective business decisions and plan effective business strategies.


Digital Banking Trends

How Digitization Has Changed Marketing Tactics for Financial Companies

28 Oct 2021

Digitization is fast catching up with the financial services industry. And the marketing aspects are geared towards personalization. There has been an emphasis on implementing sales tactics that are based on personalization. Financial services institutions must implement the latest digital marketing tactics to win over competitors in an intensely...

Climate Fintech

How Banking Institutions can Help Steer Towards a Sustainable Economy

23 Apr 2021

The effects of climate change and the environmental crises we are moving towards seem to be making the news more than ever before. The actions of activists like Greta Thunberg, amongst others, have successfully mobilized younger generations to take a more active stance in order to safeguard the quality of their future. Sustainability is at the foc...


Financial Transformation


20 Sep 2020

Being a human resource manager or a compensation professional, the exercise of doing a compensation planning every year is a tedious task. With companies keeping their merit increase budget same year-on-year, it has become a challenge to reward and engage the right employee, more so, when the economy has been hit the hardest with COVID. Sluggish g...

Personal Finance

Learning About Personal Finances and Investing During the Covid-19 Lockdown

19 Sep 2020

While some countries are gradually easing lockdown measures (with some restrictions remaining in place), other countries, such as the United Kingdom or India, are extending coronavirus lockdown to better protect their population and stop the propagation of the virus. When Covid-19 quickly spread outside of China to the world earlier this year, m...