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Peter Gullberg

Peter Gullberg

VP Product Strategy at Todos AB - a Gemalto company
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Bio In charge of defining strategies, understanding customer requirements and technology evangelism. Broad knowledge in EMV, security solutions, CAP and online banking security.


Online Banking

Trust is good for business

26 Aug 2010

Online banking is about more than cost cutting. Banks are just waking up to its potential for increased revenue and new business opportunities. In this context, online security is not just a cost of business to be weighed against losses to fraud. It is the key that opens the door. But it will only work if banks change the way they build a business...


Online Banking

Transaction Authentication - the way forward

29 Mar 2010

Over the last year I have stumbled across a number of people that all prescribe transaction authentication as a trustworthy way to solve eBanking fraud. Both security researchers, security specialists, and banks all start telling the same thing "- Transaction Authentication is the way forward." There are a number of different notations on...

Online Banking

eGovernment brings massive cost savings

25 Mar 2010

Most of the Swedish Banks are in the move towards making their customers become electronic citizens, by equipping their customers with a banking card that also contains an electronic identity. This enables the customers to access eGovernment functions, and making it more convenient for be an electronic citizen. Banks need to equip their customers ...

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