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CEO at Mobile Convergence Ecosystems Ltd.
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Bio Please visit my linkedin profile and Career History Since 2012: CEO Mobile Convergence Ecosystems Ltd. Mentor and advisor to 23 startups in 19 countries in Europe, Africa, Americas, Middle East


Data Management 101

Not the Messiah. Just a very nasty boy: Uber massive data breaches and pitiful attempts to hide it t

22 Nov 2017

Not the Messiah, just a very very nasty boy: Uber abhorrent actions on huge data breach Another day passing, another Uber’ story exploding, another data ...

Finance 2.0

The devil's alternative: Chinese social credit scoring project or simply social scoring...

11 Nov 2017 The Chinese Government social credit score project. Or rather Social Score or mass control. This is both amazing in scope and terrifying. It has all the hallmark of a massively dangerous invasion of privacy and a massive social experiment with the ultimate goa...

Innovation in Financial Services

Autopsy of a disaster: Thoughts on the Equifax debacle

10 Nov 2017

The Equifax debacle demonstrate the danger lurking into a very outdated, non-customer friendly and absolutely not transparent approach to data. The market is sanctioning Equifax before the regulators hopefully do the same in Europe at least and the consumers launch legal actions possibly class actions as it is now possible in the EU. That such a ...

Digital Banking Trends

Red skies at dawn: Impacts of increased coordination between data protection and competition policy

09 Oct 2017

It is commonly acknowledged that data are a fundamental engine for growth in the 21st Century economy. It is particularly true in Fintech and Insurtech, where most of the innovative products and services rely on the use, processing, exploitation of data whether personal data or other types of data. Data are increasingly becoming a new asset class...