Martin Wilson

Martin Wilson

Chief Executive Officer at OneID
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Bio Our vision is to make the internet a safer place by enabling people to safely use and protect their personal information and so reduce fraud, identity theft and scams. For businesses, enabling verified data is an asset that can improve revenue, reduce costs and reduce risk. Career History Formerly Head of Change for Payments Nat West, CEO of Luup and Chief Commercial Officer at VocaLink, Martin is now CEO of one of the most exciting, innovative new companies delivering a Digital Identity solution for UK consumers, corporates and banks.



Streamlining Payments with digital ID: How banks, businesses and consumers can win

16 Mar 2023

Banks and corporates face the same key problem online as consumers – reliably overcoming anonymity. Solving this problem causes friction, frustrating consumers and denying revenue to businesses and financial institutions. Here’s how digital ID can help prevent this. The existing ID verification processes used by many banks and e-commerce providers...


Are UK banks already sitting on the solution to the biggest challenges in digital payments?

16 Mar 2023

Digital payment services are revolutionising e-commerce in the UK – but there are obstacles to overcome before they deliver their full potential. Here we run through the key challenges facing the sector, and the role digital identity providers can help overcome them. In a few short years, digital payments have gone from a novel innovation to becom...


How digital identity can safeguard football

23 Dec 2022

The 2022 Qatar World Cup highlighted how the sports industry is increasingly merging with technology. Technology took centre stage, helping officials make critical calls, keeping spectators safe and fans engaged and providing players with access to data after their matches. Organisers have also embraced digital identity, with all local and interna...


Cross-sector action critical in tackling APP fraud epidemic

09 Nov 2022

Over £600 million was stolen by criminals through authorised and unauthorised fraud in the first half of 2022. This is down 13% compared to the same period in 2021. According to the 2022 half year fraud report from UK Finance, APP fraud accounted for £249.1 million of stolen funds. APP fraud is when criminals socially engineer their victims, usual...