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John Cragg

Chief Executive Officer at MYHSM
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You're a fintech, I'm a legacy Bank - how can we collaborate?

17 Mar 2021

It was only a few months ago that Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, declared that banks should be “scared s***less by fintechs”. It’s no surprise either as over the last decade the fintech industry has been thriving with new technology paving the way for financial institutions. A rise in electronic payments and a preference from customers to han...


Are challenger banks challenging banking?

18 Nov 2020

No longer new entities in the banking space, challenger and neo banks are now acquiring significant market share in the banking world. In fact, the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of these banking sectors currently stands at 46.5% - a not so insignificant portion of the market. And with this set to increase further – to over $394m by 2026, no l...


Every cloud provides a silver service, but which one is right for you?

10 Nov 2020

‘Cloud as a Service’ is the term that often goes hand in hand with ‘cloud migration’ – both of which are now becoming more mainstream due to the cloud’s scalability and hyper-efficient cost benefits. Companies leveraging the cloud can focus more on core business operations and avoid spending time and resources on processes and infrastructure, whic...


Navigating PCI PIN Security Requirements

21 Oct 2020

Security and compliance in the payments ecosystem cannot be underestimated and should always be adhered to. Yet, understanding the complexity of the various security standards is something that cannot be taken lightly, and regulatory compliance is constantly evolving so navigating it can be a major task. The introduction of PCI Security is intende...