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Co-founder and CMO at Token
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Bio Marten Nelson is co-founder and VP of Marketing at Token, a Silicon Valley-based technology company, focused on building a global open banking platform that addresses PSD2 and helps bank generate new revenues. Career History Marten has over 20 years' experience in start-ups and Fortune 100 companies across product development, business development and marketing and business strategy. Token is his third company to found. Leading email security company Abaca was sold to Proofpoint and edtech LearnCentral to Blackboard.


Open Banking

Open Banking’s First Year-end Dividend

03 Jul 2019

It was only one year ago that Token made history by becoming the first licensed Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP) to conduct an end-to-end payment through a public bank API. The payment of £4.99 at 18:39 on Friday 1st June 2018, executed through Santander’s API payment initiation endpoints, was confirmed as the first of its kind by the UK ...


Will banks ever learn? comments on Facebook's Libra

25 Jun 2019

Yesterday, Facebook announced Libra, a stablecoin to be used for payment in WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Libra is a stablecoin pegged to a basket of fiat currencies to minimize fluctuation of its value. TechCrunch writes: “Facebook has finally revealed the details of its cryptocurrency, Libra, which will let you buy things or send money to peop...


Digital Banking, Mortgages and Savings

Open banking is just a taste of what’s to come

05 Jun 2019

There’s still hell to pay in the back-end, says Marten Nelson, Co-founder, True digitisation in payments means overhauling the core infrastructure as well as its connectivity layer. All the hype about digital transformation in financial services risks eclipsing something really important: that this ‘new dawn’ of open banking extends only ...

Open Banking

2019: the breakthrough year for open banking

06 Mar 2019

January 2019 marked a year since open banking came into play in Europe. While 2018 saw a steep learning curve for all involved, the next year will start to show serious, market-defining transformation. Will banks manage to capitalise on new ways to stay relevant in the digital era? As we head into the end of Q1, now is an ideal time to take stock...