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Co-founder and CEO at Shojin Property Partners
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Proptech: The key to unrigging real estate investment

19 May 2022

When I talk to people about democratising property investment, I’m sometimes met by a look of confusion. Owning your own home is a pipe dream for many young people. Long gone are the days where you could buy a house for £800 - that is now worth £550,000. If a person can’t afford their own property, how can we expect them to believe that having fu...


Moving sands of property investment that promise to make savings go further

06 May 2022

For years, dating back to the middle ages, real estate has been a popular way for one to build and preserve their wealth. Merchants would buy, sell and rent houses on the land of their feudal lords. However, to operate at the level of institutional-grade opportunities has required investors to be among the wealthiest 1% of people globally. At a...


Proptech regulators need to shift their focus – from products to companies

26 Apr 2022

Regulations have been around for as long as people have been doing business. Businesses have been complaining about them ever since. Roman merchants sulked about overzealous Senators as much as Silicon Valley bosses do about those in Washington D.C. Today, though, the act of regulating is trickier. My industry, digital property investment platfo...