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Sales Director - Asia Pacific at Striata
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Bio I am working with Striata to reduce the amount of paper currently being used unnecessarily to deliver bills and statements to email users throughout Asia. I'm helping insurance companies, credit card issuers, retail banks, telco's and debt collectors replace paper bills, statements, policies and not Career History Over the past 25 years I've worked in the UK and Asia in IT for international companies including British Gas, KSCL (a telco billing company), Mobiqa (mobile phone ticketing) and Striata.



The Long Tail of eInvoicing Success

09 May 2012

eInvoicing is big business – and pretty soon it's going to be for small business too... There are many studies that explain the huge cost of paper-based invoicing and just as many that show the benefits of moving to eInvoicing (see image below). Billentis, in its 2012 eInvoicing/eBilling report showed that the full cost of sending a paper invoice...



When it comes to eBilling, are you just ticking the box?

20 Apr 2012

As I travel around Asia talking to companies about eBilling and looking at what eBilling solutions have already been implemented, it strikes me that the whole eBilling business is mired in misleading projections and statistics, and in many cases, apathy. Surely this is a key reason why so few people actually utilize eBilling, and why so few compan...



Can Asia lead the eStatement adoption evolution?

11 Apr 2012

I was speaking to a group of banking people from fast-developing countries like Indonesia, India and Pakistan at a conference in Singapore a while ago. Their views on eBilling and eStatements were very similar - adoption rates for going paperless are still very low and they place the blame on low internet penetration. As a result, some banks are p...



Secured with spit: PO insists letters are safer than email

02 Apr 2012

It's not easy being a Post Office nowadays! Globally, postal services are being adversely affected by the changing communication preferences of consumers. In the UK, the recently announced 30% increase in postage rates hints at a business model on the brink of disaster. But it’s the state of the United States Postal Service (USPS) that highlight...