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Jonathan Shanks

Jonathan Shanks

CEO and co-Founder at Appvia
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Bio Jonathan Shanks is the CEO and co-Founder of Kubernetes delivery platform Appvia. Jon is a DevOps expert and entrepreneur with nearly two decades of experience in leading developers and engineers in scaling and delivering new solutions. Kubernetes is increasingly essential to rapidly deploying scalable and secure FinTech applications, and allows teams to quickly innovate and build new ideas, products and financial platforms. Career History Prior to Appvia, Jon was Head and Technical Lead at the Home Office.


Innovation in Financial Services

Don’t let spiralling cloud costs disrupt your fintech project

26 Aug 2020

The fintech industry as we know it wouldn’t exist without the cloud. No financial app, comparison website or any of the other numerous innovations we’ve seen emerge from the last decade would be possible without it. Given its intrinsic value to fintechs, it is perhaps surprising that very few are using the most cost effective solution. Millions in...



Why fintech has fallen in love with Kubernetes

01 Jul 2020

Kubernetes is a word some people in fintech will have seen mentioned but few are likely to understand (and even fewer know how to pronounce!). The reality is, however, that far from being a technical side note, it has become a powerhouse of innovation in the financial services sector over the past few years. Kubernetes is Greek for helmsman or pil...