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Lead UX Architect at UXDA
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Bio Lead UX architect and UX consultant for banking and Fintech at UXDA - the leading user experience design agency for financial services only. UXDA mission is to reinvent the finance industry by delivering delightful UX & UI solutions. Career History UX expertise of creating user-friendly and cutting-edge designed financial services for customers. Bachelor's degree in Business management and master's degree in Finances. More than 5 years experience in banking.


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

How Back-office Holds Banks Back From Successful Digitization

23 Oct 2018

There is a huge misconception that investing in customer solutions is enough to ensure successful banking digitization. According to a World Economic Forum report 2018 by Bain & Company, only 1% of $1.2 trillion digital transformation investments will actually achieve their set targets. We believe one of the causes is that only a few realize -...