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Founder and CEO at WLPayments
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Bio Sunil is the CEO & Founder of WLPayments, a trusted white-label global payments platform. Career History With over 20 years' experience within consulting and sales, Sunil is an authority on international payments . Prior to this, Sunil founded Newgen Payments, and worked at GlobalCollect (currently Ingenico) as a director of global planning and strategy - developing corporate strategies and driving revenue opportunities on a global basis.


Innovation in Financial Services

Innovations That Facilitate Quick and Seamless Payments

09 Aug 2021

Regarding online payments, customers are always looking for quick and convenient ways to pay for their purchases. After all, our daily interactions with technology have prompted us to expect a seamless experience with instantaneous availability and an easy-to-use interface in the realm of digital payments as well. This makes technological innovati...

Frictionless Payments

The right way to implement 3DS2.2

29 Jul 2021

Transitioning to 3DS2 entails many benefits when compared to 3DS1, such as frictionless flow, enhanced security, and improved mobile device compatibility. However, its implementation can be a cumbersome task, presenting numerous challenges. Therefore, it is important to be aware of such impediments and the solutions that can be adopted to address ...

Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030

Why you should not see SCA as a threat

21 Oct 2020

The payments system is no stranger to regulations, but PSD2 (Payment Services Directive 2) is given additional importance due to its impact and a new generation’s expectations. However, in this new digital era, PSD2 is the key to fighting online fraud while boosting innovation with new payment services. The major development of PSD2 is the intro...


The Payments Business

Staying in control of digital payments

24 Jul 2020

The recent much publicised twitter hack is another example why for the CIOs and CTOs of banks and PSPs, fraud and security are ever-present concerns in the back of their mind. Protecting both their own organisations and their merchants from the threat of cybercrime is a truly business-critical challenge – and one in which the stakes are always ch...