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CEO at Realio Fund
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Bio Derek is the founder, CEO, and director of Realio. Career History Derek is an entrepreneur with institutional experience in commercial real estate development, EB-5 capital investments, and blockchain-based investing. He previously founded and currently acts as a managing member of the American Economic Growth Fund, an EB-5 investment platform focused on sourcing overseas capital for U.S. based real estate projects. He also contributes to Cointelegraph.


Blockchain Observations

The real opportunity WallStreetBets is missing beyond the Robinhood saga

22 Mar 2021

The dust has settled on the GameStop saga, and so has the stock price. Noise about Robinhood's questionable trading restrictions is calling into question the feasibility of current market infrastructure in our new, digitally connected world. The redditors came and saw, but they didn't conquer in their valiant mission to "beat the hedge funds....