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Alex Noble

Account Director at McAfee
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Bio I specialise in solutions for complex banking processes. Current areas I'm working on include Security, contact centre, improving compliance and digital transformation. Previously, I've worked on Remote Expert for branch banking, next generation contact centres and future payment solutions. Career History I currently work for McAfee specialising in security and cyber for Financial Services.


Trends in Financial Services

Securing the Blockchain

10 Nov 2017

[Please note these are my personal views and should not be assumed to be the offical position of my employer] This is an exciting time for Blockchain and there is no shortage of hype. Over the past few months there has been a barrage of blockchain news and the BitCoin price has made it into the coverage of the traditional media. There’s also been...

Innovation in Financial Services

Identity, verification and blockchains

08 Nov 2016

It’s been a while since I last blogged. Since then, one of the things I’ve been spending a lot of time on is the concept of ID&V, especially the challenge of joining the “ID” (identity) and “V” (verification) elements. I’ve been able to spend rather less time on blockchains and shared ledger technology, but following a couple of excellent sess...

Innovation in Financial Services

What does HSBC’s adoption of voice biometrics tell us about trends in identity, customers and contac

14 Jul 2016

Wanting a change from Brexit articles (too many of them are just too much speculation), I was looking back at some of the news stories from earlier in the year that I’d meant to blog on but hadn’t managed to. One of those was HSBC UK’s introduction of voice biometrics (see Finextra: “HSBC to roll out voice and Touch ID to 15 million UK customers”)...

Innovation in Financial Services

Law, territory and the Blockchain in Financial Services

20 Nov 2015

I'm finding that I'm having very productive discussions with lawyers as ideas mature on how blockchain could be used in financial services I should stress that I'm a technologist rather than a lawyer – a student job at a firm of Edinburgh solicitors rapidly demonstrated that Scots law was not for me. However, if you wish to build a blockchain archi...

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