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Ahmed Khidhir

Ahmed Khidhir

Digital Banking Expert at Temenos
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Bio Banking professional with vast know-how in Digital Banking transformation and innovation. Author of 'Middle East Digital Banking Report 2017' published by Searching Finance.


Digital Banking

How Digital Banking Can Help Our Irrational Brains Make Better Decisions

02 Oct 2022

The human brain’s job is not to analyze data or make complex decisions. Our mind’s primary job is to ensure we survive the present day and live to see another. It plays many tricks with the facts to get us to tomorrow. The brain’s tricks and systematic deviations from rationality are called cognitive biases. Researchers have discovered that the ...

Digital Banking Trends

Making Digital Banking Human in the Post-Pandemic World

30 Mar 2021

Emotions drive around 80 percent of the decisions a person makes in a day. Yet most digital banking applications today are highly transactional utility apps designed for checking balances and performing payments and transfers. As such, they fail to create a significant emotional connection with the user, appealing only to the logical side of the ...

Digital Banking Trends

Will COVID-19 reshape digital banking?

17 May 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought about drastic changes in our lives, and by every measure we are going through a great crisis. It is natural to assume that the pandemic will be a turning point in modern history, and many experts argue that the world we are entering will be fundamentally different from the one we knew before. Will the pandemic cha...


Digital Banking Trends

How Generation Z Will Reshape Digital Banking

25 Nov 2019

Generation Z (or Gen Z), the demographic cohort following the Millennials, presents a new breed of customers for financial institutions. Born after 1995, Gen Z is the first generation to be born and raised with YouTube, Instagram and Netflix. Unlike Millennials who witnessed the rise of the digital age, Gen Z has never known a world without smartp...