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Bio I am the founder and managing partner of advisory firm, specialising in driving digital transformation in payments, financial services and banking organisations. Career History I have been a practitioner of digital innovation for over 15 years at firms such as the Lloyds Banking Group, PayPal UK, and GE Capital. I am a Non-Exec Director of Cashplus Bank, mentor to several FinTech start-ups and an investor in a number of early-stage tech companies.


Financial Inclusion

Inclusive Finance Manifesto

11 May 2022

The most effective means to achieve economic and social welfare is our ability to earn a living. Earning a fair living is inexorably linked to our access to financial services. In order to get paid or to pay someone, to protect a bit of excess earnings, to borrow to buy a home or to fund a business, we all need access to a provider of financial se...


What Does DeFi Need To Go Mainstream?

10 Feb 2022

Regulators across the globe are keen to regulate the new digital currencies, financial products and exchanges. The recent announcement by the US regulator CFTC (Commodities and Futures Trading Commission) is a recent example. All regulators say that they aim to provide market protection for consumers and reduce risks in the space. Interestingly th...