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Cryptocurrency Insights

How Mining Bitcoin will Change the Energy Sector

21 May 2021

Despite the digital nature of Bitcoin, the process of mining requires a massive physical infrastructure to support it. How mining works is explained extensively here but simply put, miners are searching/mining for a lucky number and upon finding that number the miner gets freshly minted bitcoin as rewards for their work. This search for the lucky


Cryptocurrency Insights

Middle Eastern Central Bank Digital Currencies and the World

03 May 2021

There is a rush globally to develop the first Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Trade regions like the Middle-East are uniquly positioned to take advantage of CBDC as big energy producers and price setters Some countries have already made huge strides in developing their CBDCs like China The risk of privacy invasion with CBDC seem almost imp


Cryptocurrency Insights

Top 3 White Label Open-Source Crypto Exchange Platforms

15 Jan 2021

Starting a fintech business is now free due to open-source crypto technology and exchange software The crypto technology is getting expotentially more powerful than traditional fintech tech Building with the technology is getting easier as more blockchains become standardized and widely adopted People are building a preference for crypto exchage