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Bio John Findlay is co-founder of Launchfire, a digital engagement shop that helps banks drive adoption of their digital banking tech.


Innovation in Financial Services

You Need Empathy To Drive Digital Adoption

27 Feb 2018

Digital adoption is usually looked at from a technological standpoint. What kind of tech can we build to make it more convenient to bank? What can we make easier, quicker, more cost effective? But the danger of this perspective is that we lose sight of who we’re making the tech for — the customer. Because the benefits of digital banking tech seem s...

Innovation in Financial Services

Fintech Adoption is About People, Not Tech

15 Jan 2018

EY released their 2017 Digital Adoption Index a few months ago, and since then I’ve seen a lot of posts going around LinkedIN about how Canada is lagging behind the global digital adoption rate. The big stat is that digital adoption in Canada is sitting at about 18 percent, which is a full 15 percent behind the global average of 33 percent. But wh...