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Transaction Banking

7 Trade Finance Leaders share the biggest themes for 2019

11 Feb 2019

Amongst all the doom and gloom about trade wars, protectionism and economic uncertainty over the past 12 months, Trade Finance Global (TFG) spoke to leaders in trade about the positive news stories and things to look forward to in 2019. Pledges to fully digitalise Trade Finance Enno-Berghard Weitzel at Commerzbank AG said: “Commerzbank has pledged ...

Digital Banking Trends

When will cash disappear? 3 international payments trends

04 Oct 2017

Often at our office, we overuse the term ‘cash is king’, but more recently, we realise that cashflow is king, and cash as a payment option is disappearing. International payments have paved the way for technological innovation, given the snail paced movements from incumbents, and massive revenue opportunities from high transaction international pay...


What is the Blockchain and how is it affecting SME finance?

29 Oct 2016

Over the last 10 years or so, payment terms of companies have increased from an average of half a day to two and a half days, as a way of better managing cash flow and maintaining working capital in larger firms. As a result of this, it translates into an average of 120 day payment terms, which means businesses may not receive final payment 4 mont...