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Information Security

Are we safe to bank on biometrics?

08 Sep 2017

For financial institutions, the primary goal of digitisation is making banking simpler and more intuitive for customers. Biometric identification has huge potential, offering convenience, simplifying password management and providing a frictionless authentication process. However, combining the desire for ease of use with the need to improve secur...


How intelligent apps are shaping the future of finance

13 Jul 2017

The world of finance is changing. Consumers are becoming more demanding for ease of engagement, while financial institutions are under pressure to transform services using advanced technology. With a host of start-ups threatening the major players through innovative approaches to the market, it’s becoming an increasingly complex landscape to navig...


Why financial institutions can take the fight to cybercriminals

22 Sep 2016

You are now 20 times more likely to have your money stolen online than by a pickpocket or mugger in the street, according to recent figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The stats revealed that almost six million web fraud and cybercrimes were committed in the past year in England and Wales alone – making it the most common type o...


Dealing with Dridex - protecting end-users from new strains of malware

13 Jan 2016

Last year, criminals used new strains of malware to steal £20 million from UK banking customers, highlighting the dangers of such viruses in a very high-profile way. The use of Dridex malware to infect customer machines, steal login credentials and subsequently steal significant sums from customer accounts shows how these incidents can directly i...