Keith Stanton

Keith Stanton

International Product Manager (Fraud & Risk) at FIS
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Bio International Product Manager, Risk, Fraud and Compliance at FIS. A subject matter expert in Fraud and Risk Management and Solutions, I have worked with a number of fraud solutions and services across Europe. Career History In the Payments industry since 2001, working as the Fraud Product Manager EMEA at First Data and as Fraud Prevention Manager at Visa Europe. Product Experience on Card Fraud Monitoring, AML KYC, CyberSecurity, Internal Fraud.



Fraud in the Covid Age - Authorised Push Payment Fraud

17 Nov 2021

In my previous blog (click here), I spoke about how Card Fraud had reduced globally, but that there was significant fraud in other channels. According to UK Finance, in the UK Authorised Payment fraud totalled £480m in 2020, a value that is only 17% less that the value lost to Card Fraud (£574m). And in the US, while the values are going down com...


Fraud in the Covid Age

14 Nov 2021

Since the beginning of March 2020, when the world moved to multiple lockdowns and restricted activity as a result of the ongoing pandemic, it’s been clear that there has been a real shift in how we transact. It’s a subject I’ve covered in previous blogs, but as we come to the end of 2021, and payment data continues to be published for 2020, we are...

Financial Risk Management

Covid 19 and the effects on Fraud Prevention - Part 3 - Social Engineering

28 Oct 2020

In my previous blog (click here) I detailed how the Fraud threat landscape for cards has changed significantly, with a reduction in card fraud in some of the major markets as consumers are spending less; and spending online rather than at bricks and mortar retail sites. But that doesn't mean the fraud levels are easing – as while payment fraud is ...

Financial Risk Management

Covid 19 and the effects on Fraud Prevention - Part 2 - Payments Fraud

25 Oct 2020

As I outlined in my previous blog (click here to view), we have seen a rapid movement to card channel payments as cash usage has declined during the pandemic. In the UK, as early as April this year cash withdrawals had declined by 60% (according to the UK Government) - mainly due to a combination of people staying indoors and being unable to use ...