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Balancing risk and reward in alternative finance

04 Sep 2015

One of my recent posts considered the view that the fintech/alternative finance marketplace represents an evolution, not a revolution. A cynic might question the value of alternative finance in the first place, but the fact is this sector is making waves. In the early stages of this new market some fintech businesses saw the banks’ traditional way...


Alternative Finance - Spotlight on risk management

24 Aug 2015

The latest Serious Fraud Office annual report highlights a rise in fraud investigations and prosecutions which is perhaps no great surprise. But what does it mean for alternative finance and are there specific areas the sector should keeping an eye on? Fraud is a difficult area to address. It can be tricky to get confirmation of first-hand experien...


Alternative finance: Evolution, not revolution

16 Jun 2015

There have been a lot of headlines over the past few years announcing that ‘Alternative Finance Is Storming The Barricades of Traditional Banking’. The revolutionaries in the alternative finance movement argue that they are going to sweep away the old order and offer customers a complete alternative – they will no longer need their old providers