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Co-founder at Logical Construct
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Bio Paul Kelly co-founded Logical Construct to answer the growing need for financial organisations to understand their contractual relationships at a granular level to meet trading, risk management and regulatory requirements. Career History Before founding Logical Construct, Paul was Country Manager for Rule Financial in Spain, where he was responsible for engagements with many of the top investment banks, and established the development centre creating the software products and accelerators that comprised the firm's portfolio of intel



Seven Deadly Sins of Contract Data Capture

27 Apr 2015

Garbage in, garbage out. It is hugely frustrating when your state-of-the-art risk, pricing or optimisation system is let down by dodgy data, the artful algorithms rendered impotent by gaps and inaccuracies in the information they depend on. Having spent a number of years tackling the root cause of this problem we've got a lengthy list of gotchas - ...