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Greater China OEM/ODM Handset Biz Dev Mgr at Newport Technologies
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Sberbank preps SE and HCE mobile wallets

  Hello Alex, Good post and also good feedback.  Here is what I think, since I just delivered an HCE presentation in Seattle and uploaded it to You Tube:, if anyone would like the slides, let me know.   I believe there needs to be a mobile device ecosystem specialist in the Chinese handset sector who can take the concept of a hybrid SWP NFC uSIM + HCE NFC Android OS (KitKat) Smartphone solution and drive the concept of a dual device to the OEM/ODM handset manufacturers in China and Taiwan to start working with Banks more agressively, and my previous expertise working @ Gemalto from 2008-2013 from Beijing, China performed this function with OEM Handset manufacturers.   Banks are not equipped to run with the ball and start courting Handset OEMs, MNOs will not do this, thus, I propose to evangelize pitching a hybrid designed Smartphone, and I'm looking for serious companies to hire me as am employee to do this.  Any serious companies out there must realize what's going on again is a "Chicken and Egg" situation.  Before it was MNOs and OEM Handset vendors, and now it appears to be Banks and CHinese OEM Handset manufacturers.  I'm a master at bridging Western company mobile technologies with Greater CHinese OEM/ODM Smartphone/Tablet PC manufacturers for design-in and enablement of a new HCE NFC mobile payments ecosystem. Thanks, Karl J. Weaver Mobile: +1-425-260-4378 Email: