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Bio Award-winning, freelance financial journalist. Specialist in many areas, including; sell-side execution services, buy-side trading, market infrastructure, emerging markets, regulation, wholesale banking, technology in finance. Career History Deputy editor at The TRADE magazine; Deputy editor at Banking Technology magazine; Account director, Penrose Financial; Technology & wholesale banking editor at The Banker magazine; Sales, research & event manager at the Institute of Financial Services


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Trade in Services Agreement threatens bank data sovereignty

10 Jul 2014

A clash between globalised financial services and domestic governments is looming. Activity by the US authorities particularly – from spying on friendly foreign governments, to aggressively pursuing sanction breakers and tax avoiders domiciled overseas – risks fragmenting globalised industry into regionalised pockets of influence and jurisdiction....

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Google search: What’s my credit score?

01 Jul 2014

The hype around big data is, ironically, huge. There is more to big data technology than the marketing bandwagon. The scale of the difference that systems like Hadoop – the open-source platform based on Google’s storage model – can have on making sense of lots of input at once is interesting to observe. Using parallelised, decentralised processing...

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Trade finance creates a 10 billion dollar risk

11 Jun 2014

BNP Paribas is in a real fix. It faces censure for allegedly being found guilty of breaching US rules on money laundering, and of breaching US sanctions, between 2002 and 2009. These alleged breaches relate to Cuba, Iran and Sudan. The risks involved for the bank are potentially terminal; the fine it is threatened with – rumoured to be around US$1...

Future Finance News Analysis

Bad as gold

29 May 2014

The news that Barclays has been fined for manipulation of the gold benchmark is another nail in the coffin of trader autonomy and of voluntary data-based benchmarks. It also highlights the risks for speculators operating in the unregulated derivatives market when the ‘house’ is in charge of fixing the price. Q: So who got stung this time? A: Bar...

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