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The Race to Open Banking is underway

15 Aug 2016

As the dust continues to settle after the momentous decision by UK to leave the EU, the implications in terms of EU regulation are pretty clear, with the FCA stating whilst the UK remains in the EU (for at least 2 years after invoking the now well know Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty) then planned initiatives such as PSD2 remain in place. At the r...


De-risking payments system overhaul - a New Year’s resolution?

11 Jan 2016

So another year begins and for many this brings a New Year's resolution – getting fit to name but one. For many financial institutions however I wonder if the resolution could be to (finally) start the process of overhauling creaking and aging payments processing technology. It’s a never ending challenge for banks maintaining their IT infrastruct...


Central Banking Market Infrastructures move to ISO 20022

26 Oct 2015

Real time gross settlement (RTGS) has now become the established mechanism by which country and sometimes regional payment infrastructures enable safe settlement of high value payments between banks. Historically the systems have typically used the SWIFT network for the secure transfer of the payment messages and notifications, etc., with the


Financial Standards - a pandemic of complexity for the Financial Services industry

02 Jun 2015

For millennia mankind has been fighting viral mutations, not only those that affecting humans, but also those impacting harvested flora and fauna. However, though significantly less life threatening, but still a huge challenge to the global financial services business, is the ever changing and proliferating library of financial messaging standards...