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Guillaume Forget

Executive Vice President at Cryptomathic GmbH
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Bio I am in charge of the product line strategy for our different software verticals incl. Digital Identities and Signatures, Key management (crypto agility, PQC), Mobile Security and Payment Career History Internationally experienced evangelist for e-signatures, cryptography and What You See Is What You Sign.


Digital Identity Management

Will The UK Follow The EU On Digital Identities?

19 May 2023

The UK's relationship with the EU has been tumultuous in recent years, especially in the wake of Brexit. With regards to digital identities, former Prime Minister Tony Blair's, statement that "everyone in the UK should be issued with a digital ID" has sparked heated national debate and left many wondering if the UK will follow suit with ...

Digital Identity Management

All Trains Cancelled: How an e-Sig Failure Derailed a €3bn Transport Deal

04 Oct 2021

On 21st September, the Swiss-based train manufacturer, Stadler, announced that it lost a €3bn contract with the Austrian Federal Railways ÖBB due to a legally impermissible electronic signature on the purchase agreement.[1] The consequences of such a failure are serious. The costs inherent to a multi-billion public tender are counted in millions a...


The eIDAS regulation is coming. How can banks benefit?

06 May 2016

As of 1st July 2016, the first phase of the EU's new regulation on electronic identification (eIDAS) will become enforceable. But amid all the confusion about its implications among both EU banking executives and their security experts, banks still have a lot to be excited about. The intent behind the Electronic Identification and Trust Services (...