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Naomi Grossman

Learning and Content Manager at VinciWorks
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Bio Naomi Grossman is the Learning and Content Manager at VinciWorks. Her expertise on compliance topics for the UK and international business lets her help businesses manage compliance across a range of business critical areas including AML, ESG, GDPR, diversity, harassment, bribery and more. She focuses on making these complex issues understandable and enabling busy professionals to know what they need to do to be compliant and safe.


Exposing Financial Crime

Rough Diamonds: Is that really how money laundering works?

04 Aug 2023

‘Rough Diamonds’, the recent television series that delves into the world of money laundering across Europe, depicts a world where criminals try to hide the illicit origins of their funds through different financial transactions. It involves the diamond industry in Antwerp, Albanian mobsters, London drug dealers, dirty money, and star-crossed love...