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Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer at Anduin Transactions
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Bio Alin Bui is the cofounder and Chief Strategy Officer for Anduin Transactions, a deal tech startup for private capital markets. Anduin brings together ex-employees from Palantir, Google, Facebook and Amazon to build solutions that drive investments in alternative assets. Alin started his career as a software engineer working on data virtualization at IBM before leading technical programs for fifteen years across payments, search, and personalization at Silicon Valley corporations and startups. He graduated from UCLA as a National Merit Scholar.



The Information Gap Between Retail Investors and Private Markets

06 Mar 2023

Fund managers today are bullish about the retail markets as a new investment stream, in part to reduce dependence on institutional portfolios. But many in private equity and venture capital are grappling with how to engage this promising category of investors. Through the turbulence of 2022, we observed the growing relationship between fund manage...