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Steve Sabin

Steve Sabin

SVP, Division Executive, Lending at FIS
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Bio Steve Sabin is senior vice president, division executive for the FIS Lending division and writes about the transformation of the lending landscape, including BNPL, LaaS, consumer and commercial lending, and asset and auto finance. Career History With more than 30 years in fintech software, Steve is recognised as a leader in innovation through tech evolution and will share his insights on trends, strategies and tech solutions for the lending space.


Banking and Lending Solutions

Beyond compliance: the long-term meaning of ESG for lenders

23 Mar 2023

As regulatory requirements for corporate responsibility, environmental, social and governance (ESG) continue to take shape around the world, commercial lenders are now turning their attention to the most immediate challenge – compliance. But ESG principles deserve more than a short-term, tactical solution. The priority for lenders should be to driv...

Banking and Lending Solutions

Why Commercial Lending Must Go Beyond Speed

02 Mar 2023

Digital technology has turbocharged the commercial lending process, with fast, highly automated decisions seriously slashing the time to “yes.” But to navigate the uncertain times ahead, lenders will need more than speed from their fintech. While traditional banks can now make simple credit decisions as quickly and efficiently as technology-driven ...