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Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

3 ways generative AI could boost your financial advisors today

30 Aug 2023

It wasn’t so long ago that the thought of receiving financial–or any–advice from a machine would feel like something from a film, and likely heavily caveated with warnings about the robot uprising (we’re looking at you I, Robot/Terminator). Yet 2023 has seen us embrace advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology like never before. It can be ...


5 technologies to help firms comply with Consumer Duty

07 Sep 2022

The Consumer Duty final guidance comes with big requirements for evidence. Firms will need to deploy advanced data-driven technology solutions to meet the regulator’s data-focused demands, ultimately adapting their approach and processes in order to comply. As well as regulatory compliance, applying the right technology has the additional benefit ...


How your FS business can reduce costs in a high inflation environment

10 Aug 2022

Global inflation rates have been consistently on the rise over the past year. The high inflation is driven by high energy prices, issues in supply chains and an increase in consumer demand. While focus has been largely on the effect this is having on the general population, there are also ramifications on businesses, particularly those within the ...


How the FCA's Consumer Duty of Care has made Speech Analytics Essential

20 Jul 2022

Speech analytics has been commonly used for a number of years, evolving from a novelty add-on to a powerful solution for businesses to improve their processes. With the Financial Conduct Authority’s Consumer Duty of Care proposal, speech analytics has gone from being a nice-to-have to a necessity that firms must adopt to meet requirements or risk ...