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Iain Swaine

Iain Swaine

Director EMEA, Global Advisory at BioCatch
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Bio Iain has spent 16 years specialising in Cybercrime prevention, holding positions within Banks, Consulting and Product companies. He has seen the rise of attack methodologies from individual attackers to organised crime groups and nation state attackers, and has tried to understand both the technical and human side of these attacks. He has been with BioCatch for 5 and a half years helping shape how behaviour can be used to detect new attack methodologies and different use cases as part of the Global Advisory Team.



Is there a scam artist hiding in your pocket? The rise of smartphone fraud (and how to prevent it)

16 May 2024

Over the last decade, our smartphones have evolved from technological tools to personal companions, fusing themselves into our palms, resting by our heads while we sleep, and – more or less – never straying more than an arm’s length from our person. We tell them most of our secrets, conducting personal conversations over text message, Googling our ...

Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

AI’s Impact on Digital Fraud and Financial Crime

25 Apr 2024

Nearly 70% of the 600 fraud-management, anti-money laundering, and risk and compliance officials surveyed in BioCatch's first-ever AI-focused fraud and financial crime report say criminals are more adept at using artificial intelligence to commit financial crime than banks are at using the technology to stop it. Equally concerning, around half of ...


BioCatch: Comprehensive Analysis of Banking-Fraud and Financial-Crime Trends in Europe

08 Apr 2024

In a recent BioCatch report, findings showed bad actors targeting the region continue to innovate, bombarding European financial institutions with a medley of bank-impersonation, purchase, romance, investment, and other scams. BioCatch also warns of more attacks employing artificial intelligence (AI) to target victims in their native languages. “...


Most Surprising Fraud Scams and What to Expect in 2024

08 Jan 2024

Fraudsters are fickle. What’s new is old in the world of cybercrime, with fraudsters often just repackaging up an old attack with a new bow. But it is for this very reason that it is so difficult to predict the next move they’ll make. Recently, we reached out to a team of industry experts and practitioners to get their perspective on one question...