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Digital Insurance Trends

Will embedded insurance become the future of the industry?

25 Nov 2022

Many in the insurance industry see embedded insurance as the logical next step in the industry’s evolution. Proponents argue that with its promise to disrupt insurance distribution, embedded insurance will be a major growth driver. As the market develops, we have seen a number of major consumer brands, from Tesla to IKEA and Uber, begin to embe...


Digital Insurance Trends

Are insurers doing their duty when it comes to customer service?

22 Aug 2022

News of the FCA’s Consumer Duty regulations sparked some lurid headlines about heads of financial services firms being heavily fined for failing on customer service. Setting aside the hyperbole, the new rules do put pressure on insurers, banks, and others to take customer centricity even more seriously. Unlike banking, customer interaction with an...

Digital Insurance Trends

Why ecosystems could be the end and the beginning of insurers as we know them

24 Mar 2022

At a recent Insurance Innovators Conference , a dominant theme was ecosystems in insurance. Specifically, what role insurers should play in relation to other companies offering products and services to consumers. One of the more eye-catching views expressed was that insurers should embrace other businesses owning the customer relationship whilst ...

Digital Insurance Trends

Better use of analytics can make insurers quick off the mark

13 Dec 2021

Insurance is traditionally thought of as being a retrospective business, using the events of the past to determine future levels of risk. Some more cynical commentators might also say the industry is stuck in the past upon which it bases its decisions. Whether true or not, what is becoming increasingly clear is that insurers cannot only rely on pa...