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What will traditional banks be doing in 10 years?

04 Apr 2024

Over the last five years, the digital banking sector has experienced significant growth and transformation, driven by technological advances and changes in consumer behavior. Many Europeans already have a digital bank or banking product in their pocket, and this trend is making inroads into emerging markets. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the u...

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Sarp Demiray on Digital Banking in 2023: The Digitisation Train Won’t Wait

13 Dec 2022

The adage that nothing is more permanent than change has been more applicable to the financial sector than ever in recent years. The digital change train has already left the platform and is about to accelerate, but it is still possible to catch up. This is exactly what is expected in 2023 in the field of digital banking: progress, growth and adap...


Why are Fintechs Underserved by Legacy Banks?

25 Jul 2022

According to the World Fintech Report, 50% of fintech executives claim they haven’t found the right collaborative partner. Furthermore, more than 70% of fintechs are frustrated with banks’ process barriers, while only 21% of banks have systems agile enough for collaboration with fintechs. There are two ways to look at this problem. One way is to a...