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Senior Vice President and Global Head at Mphasis
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Building a Business Plan for a Challenging Geopolitical Situation

05 Dec 2022

The war in Ukraine has disrupted global markets and the resulting economic sanctions on Russia have impacted supply chains globally. Its impact is being felt on the world’s digital infrastructure and services. The geopolitical landscape thus is increasingly becoming complex, and businesses worldwide are faced with a situation where they must const...


NextOps or Out: Building the New Paradigm of Operating Models

26 Oct 2021

Long before COVID-19, disruptive technologies had already made significant inroads into traditional enterprises, compelling them to evolve their operating models for the digital age. The pandemic only accelerated the operating model transformation to enable organizations to become more agile and resilient. Amid the challenges of adapting to the ne...

Business Knowledge for IT

Enterprise Planning Is A Journey

25 Aug 2021

At no other point in our living memory have we as a species been rudely awakened to the limits to our power, cognitive capability, or influence. A zoonotic virus described by scientists as being ‘barely alive’ has precipitated a global crisis that continues to impact human lives, health, learning, work, and trade. Plans, whether made by government...