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Ali El Kaafarani

CEO & Founder at PQShield
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Bio CEO and Founder of PQShield, a cybersecurity company specialising in post-quantum cryptography and quantum-safe solutions. A University of Oxford spin-out, PQShield is driving the commercial rollout of a new generation of encryption that's fit for the quantum threat. Its technology integrates with companies' legacy systems to protect their data from the biggest threats of today and tomorrow. PQShield is a leading contributor to NIST's efforts to standardise post-quantum cryptography. Career History I am also a research fellow at Oxford University's Mathematical Institute.



Why it’s time to wake up to the quantum threat

05 Aug 2021

Quantum computing is proving to be enormously exciting for financial institutions. Already, Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Börse are exploring quantum algorithms to calculate risk model simulations 1,000 times faster than currently possible, while BBVA is looking to quantum to optimise investment portfolio management. But a more sinister aspect to...