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Eric Christensen

Eric Christensen

Chief Payment Officer at Digital River
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Bio Eric Christensen is Chief Payment Officer at Digital River, an ecommerce company offering ecommerce brands a simple solution for global payments, fraud, tax and compliance management. Eric has more than 15 years of ecommerce experience and extensive knowledge in all aspects of doing ecommerce business on a global scale. Eric leads the Payments and Risk team, including responsibility for Global Payment Processing, Global Fraud Management, Tax Systems, Foreign Exchange, Global Entity Support and other financial service products.


The Payments Business

Buy Now, Pay Later: What you need to know before you invest

19 May 2021

The global pandemic has dramatically accelerated the long-term consumer shift towards ecommerce channels. While the initial explosion in online shopping came out of necessity, with social distancing and shielding requirements restricting people’s ability to shop in store, it is safe to say the trend of online buying isn’t going anywhere. Not only ...