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Five Digital Identity Trends to Watch in 2022

06 Jan 2022

In 2020, the world went online and fraudsters were quick to pounce on the opportunities as businesses rapidly digitised their operations. The wave of opportunistic fraudsters drove the rate of identity document (ID) fraud up by 41% in 2020. The fraud landscape has changed over the past year. While the fraud rate has increased and remained consist...


Don’t let a lost phone lose you revenue

04 Nov 2021

Of the 333,000 items found on the London Transport network each year, around one in ten are mobile phones. And while we may not have all experienced losing this most treasured of items, we can empathise with the massive inconvenience. And with good reason. New research from Onfido and Okta found that 35% of customers would find it difficult to acc...


Why COVID-19, NFTs, and the crypto-boom have accelerated the end of passwords

25 May 2021

Passwords have long been an archaic form of access security. A recent survey showed that one in 10 people would rather get a root canal or a filling than create a unique password for every online account they have. It’s not surprising to learn then that 50% of those surveyed reuse passwords and one in five have a core password that they adapt to ...