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Choosing the Right White-Label Crypto Exchange Software: A Complete Comparison Guide

16 May 2023

The cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly, and with it, the demand for white-label crypto exchange software. White-label software allows businesses to launch their own cryptocurrency exchange without having to develop it from scratch. This can save businesses time and money, and it also gives them more control over the features and functionalit...


Staking and Crypto rewards: behind the scenes

16 Jul 2021

In order to survive and make it, the Hustle life is the life to choose. The concept of reward has always existed and in different possible ways. Even children know what it is. It all started when they were little: if they were to do something good like tidying their bedroom they would earn extra TV or play time. Same goes with adults, some peopl...



MicroStrategy, Microsoft, Tesla and you.

09 Jul 2021

Michael Saylor is betting all on Bitcoin Bill Gates is betting on Bitcoin collapse Elon Musk placed his bet and is waiting... What about you? Michael Saylor is an engineer focused on business analysis that founded MicroStrategy in 1989 - with more than 30 years of experience he is a pillar in his field. When it comes to crypto and Bitcoin he has...


The de-dollarization: once upon a geopolitical concern called crypto

01 Jul 2021

Race to the dollar: the evolution In order to understand why de-dollarization is happening, appreciating the value of the purchasing power of $100 over the years is necessary. Although it was agreed that the dollar would be the universal currency, most of the other countries raised eyebrows on how it gives so much power to the US. Even more when ...