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Senior Product Manager at Signifyd
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Bio My current role is Signifyd Senior Product Manager, Payment Solutions. I am a payments expert with a deep knowledge of SCA regulation and its impact on commerce and commercial banking. Career History Prior to Signifyd, I was a strategy consultant with Accenture, working with major banks in the UK. Before my Accenture role, I led marketing campaigns and helped develop customer engagement strategies for a large furniture retailer


Frictionless Payments

UK Authorities Delay SCA Again...Again

04 Jun 2021

Did you hear the one about how SCA is delayed for six months? Of course you have... Five times now. It would be funny if it weren’t so, well, not funny. UK retailers and their product teams have been whipsawed repeatedly by moving enforcement deadlines for the new payment regulations being ushered in by PSD2, which passed in 2015. “These are compl...


Digital Sales

A six point checklist guaranteed to make your life under SCA better

22 Feb 2021

The sky is falling. The wolf is coming. And SCA will be enforced in the UK just as it is being enforced now across much of Europe. I know. You’ve been hearing about PSD2 and its requirement for strong customer authentication (SCA) for years. Deadlines have come. Deadlines have gone. And nothing has changed. So when I tell you it’s coming, you don’...