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Shagun Varshney

Shagun Varshney

Senior Product Manager at Signifyd
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Bio My current role is Signifyd Senior Product Manager, Payment Solutions. I am a payments expert with a deep knowledge of SCA regulation and its impact on commerce and commercial banking. Career History Prior to Signifyd, I was a strategy consultant with Accenture, working with major banks in the UK. Before my Accenture role, I led marketing campaigns and helped develop customer engagement strategies for a large furniture retailer



How to take ownership of SCA by understanding Authentication vs. Authorisation

06 Jun 2022

Along with the added security that the newly enforced Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) introduced for online retailers in the UK comes added complications when determining the most efficient and cost-effective way for retailers to process orders. Up until now the discussion around SCA has been about how the new consumer authentication regulatio...



A data-centric approach to authorising customers’ online transactions

18 Oct 2021

It’s clear to see that the increased need for online shopping is here to stay, and as we enter the busy Christmas season, things are only going to get busier for retailers. And as orders increase, so does the risk for fraudulent activity. Whilst fraud does have a detrimental impact on the retailers bottom line, it is not actually the fraud itself t...

Frictionless Payments

Delegated Authentication Holds the Power to a Smoother SCA Experience

24 Aug 2021

Much has been made about how the secret to successful strong customer authentication (SCA) is in the details — the exemptions, the exclusions, the version of 3DS in play. But one other detail, one vital to maintaining magnificent customer experience can’t be overlooked: the importance of delegated authentication. Simply put, operating your ecommer...

Digital Sales

The limits of SCA and why fraud protection is more important than ever

01 Jul 2021

Risk professionals and retail leaders for months have been fixated on the new strong customer authentication (SCA) requirements that arrived with PSD2 — and rightfully so. The new payments regulation, set for enforcement in the UK in March 2022, is a once-in-a-generation change with the potential to massively disrupt an enterprise or to push an ent...