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Open Banking

Open Finance - Reducing the complexity of insurance

23 Mar 2021

One of the biggest challenges when purchasing insurance is the complex nature of the product. Many customers are put off by the sheer volume of data they must enter, only to receive lengthy policy documents filled with jargon. In fact, less than 50% of customers understand what factors determine the price of their insurance policies. The Insurance...

Open Banking

Open Finance - reimagining mortgages

15 Mar 2021

Today, getting a mortgage on a property is a cumbersome process. The worst part is that consumers don’t even want to purchase a mortgage – they want to buy a house. The mortgage is, unfortunately, a necessary evil. Consumers highlighted three key challenges with the mortgage process today: 49% find the application and approval process too long 34%...

Open Banking

Open Finance - improving consumer credit

08 Mar 2021

The consumer credit industry is arguably more open to change and innovation than most across financial services, and therefore a beacon of opportunity for Open Finance. 15 million people in the UK do not have access to affordable credit, creating huge disparities in financial inclusion. Credit risk assessments can unintentionally disadvantage pe...

Open Banking

Open Finance - don't forget about SMEs

01 Mar 2021

Retail banking has always been the poster child of innovation, while SME and commercial customers are typically left behind and often undeserved. SME customers arguably require the most support from their banks, as these companies have a greater list of needs than a retail customer but may not have an in-house finance department to deal with them....