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Open Banking

Open Finance - don't forget about SMEs

01 Mar 2021

Retail banking has always been the poster child of innovation, while SME and commercial customers are typically left behind and often undeserved. SME customers arguably require the most support from their banks, as these companies have a greater list of needs than a retail customer but may not have an in-house finance department to deal with them....

Open Banking

Open Finance - addressing the savings gap

22 Feb 2021

Saving is a critical element of managing our personal finances, and it tends to be the method that most individuals rely on, with investments being more financially exclusive in many respects. In fact, savings is arguably the first step in solving two key issues, Financial Inclusion and Financial Wellbeing. Somewhat worryingly, 1 in 10 Brits have ...

Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

AI - Can we unpack the black box?

15 Feb 2021

Some machine learning tools are incredibly complex. So complex that they are considered to be “black box” systems. On the one hand, they are determining more and more accurate outputs to increasingly difficult problems. But on the other, the inner workings of these solutions can’t easily be understood by a human, and the rationale for the decision...