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Sustainable investing and the Ukraine paradox

19 Oct 2022

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has proved disruptive for those involved in portfolio management for the responsible investing sector. On the one hand, it has shown the danger of relying on fossil fuels, particularly those sourced from unstable countries. On the other, it has shown that the world is still substantially reliant on traditional energy so...


Practical tips for investing through difficult times

05 Oct 2022

This remains a tough period for investors. Rising geopolitical tensions have prompted significant market volatility. After a period of near-uninterrupted growth, markets now need to adjust to a changed climate, where interest rates and inflation are rising and the outlook appears less certain. Investing today may feel like a test of nerve, but the...

The importance of determining your financial personality

08 Sep 2022

Your financial personality influences your attitudes to money and investing, so understanding a bit more about it can help curb bad habits and build good ones. Just as there are optimists and pessimists, thinkers and doers, each of us has a financial personality that shapes our attitude towards money: spending, saving, and investing. The key is not...

The fall of big tech: The impact on investing opportunities

23 Aug 2022

It has been a dismal start to the year for some of the world’s largest technology companies as earnings have slowed and their high valuations have been called into question. Is the future as bright for the glory sector of the 2010s? Technology has seen an extraordinary run since the global financial crisis. In the ten years to June 2022 the technol...