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Providing better solutions for increasingly picky sustainable investors

29 Apr 2021

Sustainable investment is having a moment. There are now thousands of funds and indices specifically promising to deliver returns along with meeting a commitment to environmental, sustainability and government metrics. Whereas these options were once a rather niche section of the market, they have grown so rapidly in the past half decade that one ...


Why are British investors increasingly crossing the pond to trade?

14 Apr 2021

When it comes to their financial portfolios, Britons are looking abroad. Like modern day versions of the proverbial Mrs. Watanabe, market conditions are pushing even relatively modest retail investors beyond their shores. Whereas those Japanese investors were pushed by low yields and inflation at home to seek fortunes in the foreign exchange offer...

After Brexit, Britain seizes the moment for unification across banking, trading and investing

11 Mar 2021

Expansion is the name of the game for today’s financial companies. The CEO of PayPal, Dan Schulman, announcing record earnings early this quarter, said that he expects the company to evolve from a digital wallet “into a superapp that transcends across payments and financial services.” The term ‘super app’ comes from China, where AliPay and WeChat ...

Using technology to transform, not run around in circles

17 Feb 2021

It may strike some as self-evident, but we are the midst of one of the most rapid transformations in the history of the banking centre. At the core of this shift is digital transformation, as the banking industry looks to adapt and synthesise the incredible gains made elsewhere in society and make it relevant for how people save, invest and spend....