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Head of Wirex R&D, CTO at Wirex
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Bio Creating and scaling FinTech products around the world Career History 12 years of experience in FinTech, proven expertise in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, start-up development, development of payment solutions, online banking, and creation of technological solutions and products.



Why do institutions need to incorporate DeFi into their financial products?

02 Jun 2022

Despite the collapse of the cryptocurrency market at the end of May 2022, DeFi services continue to be in demand among users in the long run. Financial institutions and banks need to prepare for the growing request for DeFi services and should consider gradually implementing DApps into their products. And there are several reasons why. Decentrali...


How banks and financial companies can benefit from digital currencies

03 Mar 2021

Three years ago, digital currencies seemed like a distant future, but now for European banks and financial companies, this future is just around the corner. In recent years, as digital currencies have become more popular, many platforms are now regulated, licensed, and fully compliant with the financial services market. So what do banks and fintec...

Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Fintech approaches: Why banks need to change decision-making process

11 Jan 2021

The line between fintechs and banks is increasingly blurred for customers of financial services. However, for this particular industry, both players are split by specialization and segments, and despite the polarity, traditional banks have a lot to learn from innovative financial companies. The key difference between banks and fintechs is the spee...