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Paul Christensen

CEO at Previse
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Bio I am CEO and co-founder at Previse, a fintech which is on a mission to end slow payments, using machine learning. Read more about what we do, here:


Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Tackling the Covid Loan Repayments Crisis with New Forms of Financing

05 Sep 2022

2022 is proving to be a tough year for British businesses. Although we have emerged from the clutches of the pandemic, thankfully leaving Covid restrictions behind, the business community now faces an entirely new set of challenges. Inflation has become the word of the day, and is forecast to potentially reach a staggering 15% by the end of the y...


What Does BNPL Mean for the World of B2B Payments?

25 Nov 2021

It seems ironic that Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) offerings are considered a touchstone of customer-centricity in today’s highly sophisticated payments sector. In-store credit has been present across B2C payments for as long as people have been buying goods and services. Yet, with a consumer-friendly, app-based interface, BNPL has seemingly sprung fro...



Turning Rhetoric into Reality: How to Build Back Better for Small Businesses

25 Oct 2021

‘Building Back Better’ has become the UK Government’s phrase of the year. There is constant talk of the need to make our post-pandemic society stronger and more sustainable, yet it remains unclear what this so-called ‘better’ future will look like. Discussion surrounding the post-Covid world comes at a time of acute economic strain, with none feeli...


It is time for banks and businesses to step up on ESG

28 Jun 2021

Commitment to ‘environmental’, ‘social justice’ and ‘corporate governance’ (ESG) criteria is fast emerging as the touchstone of good practice in the business world. In fact, almost half of FTSE 100 companies have linked executive pay to environment, social or governance targets, as investors’ and stakeholders’ demands for companies to adopt these ...